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Tatami Mat Wood - W20P
Made of expanded monodensity closed-cells EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate), molded and die-cutted into a special reversible locking system. The tatami is two-sided: a monochromatic one with a "5 lines" embossing; the other covered with a thin layer of wood-effect film that makes the product non-slip and gives it a warm and realistic appearance.
Frames for area's perimenter includedImportant! Keep away from direct sunlight or heat sources.
USE : Massages, Shiatsu, Yoga, ecc...
Tatami Mat EVA - MI30J
Made of expanded EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate), single-density closed cell, printed and cut by die cutting. The non-slip finish is hot obtained on the surface, creating a film effect that facilitates the cleaning of the product.
Puzzle suitable for school rooms, gymnastics, play areas, ...
Sold in SINGLE PIECES (minimum 9 pieces) of your choice in BLUE or BLACK colors.
Tatami Taekwondo Approved WT
Tatami WT Certified, made with closed cell EVA foam (ethylene vinyl acetate), this product has a high density, it’s long-lived, water resistant and has a good elasticity. A high quality tatami, branded “WT Approved” (World Taekwondo Federation) which certifies its use during official competitions. The particular non-slip finish is characterized by the official JC brand, printed on both sides.
Tatami mats for Taekwondo are made in double color to diversify the combat zone from the safety zone.
Available as an Octagonal Kit.
USE : Professional
Tatami Rubber+EVA - RB05J
Tatami suitable for gymnastic use and home training
Its innovative composition of RUBBER (Density 800kg/m³) and EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate - Density 145 kg/m³) makes the product extremely elastic and cushioning, but with high resistance: it is therefore particularly suitable for trampling with shoes and for use of exercise equipment. The non-slip "fine grain" rubber surface remains smooth and non-abrasive.
Also available in 100cmx100cm (RB10J)Frames for area's perimenter included.
USE : Suitable for multiple martial al playable activities
Warning: Not suitable for weightlifting and powerlifting
Tatami Mat Made in Italy - J40L
Tatami Judo and JuJitsu - Tatami Made in Italy
Made in crosslinked polyethylene foam, it is coupled with a density mix to achieve high impact absorption. It is made by water jet cutting, in a special joint system that makes it reversible. The product includes perimeter frames for finishing the area. The non-slip surface has “rice straw” effect finishing.
Frames for area's perimenter included.Water cutted puzzle.
USO : Judo, JuJutsu, Aikido, MMA, Submission and other disciplines where falls or screenings on the ground requiring to the Tatami a high impact absorption.
Tatami Mat Eva Crossfit 2cm - CF20J
Made of closed-cells expanded EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate); great durability, resistant to water with excellent elasticity. Extremely solid and resistant, it is recommended for the construction of flooring on which you place machines and gymnastic equipment, also suitable for use with gym shoes.
Frames for area's perimenter included. 
USE : High-resistance gymnastic flooring

Warning: Not suitable for weightlifting and powerlifting