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- After opening the package and before using the article, aerate for at least 24 hours.
- The products made of EVA (Etil Vinil Acetate) require, before the first use, a surface cleaning with a cloth and degreasing detergent. This allows to remove traces of silicone / release agent present in the production phase, which could make the product slippery or transfer the oil patina to the underlying floor.

The assembly must take place while maintaining the orientation of the individual pieces, in the same position (see arrow angle).
Example: if the angle with an arrow is at the top right, all the modules must be positioned in the same way.

- When assembling the areas, keep at least 10cm of space from walls or fixed points, such as columns or machinery, to allow a correct expansion of the material and avoid deformation of the product.
- Integration with old Tatami over time, the temperature of the environment and the type of use determine the crushing and the consequent enlargement of the material, making it incompatible with new supplies. It is advisable to measure the Tatami used and check the extent of the expansion. External measurement originally: 1020mm


Cleaning and Storage

For a long life and correct storage of the tatami, please follow these tips:

- Stack the modules on top of each other;
- Maximum heights of storage not more than 2 m;
- Do not storage directly to sunlight;
- Storage only the dry modules.  Alternatively dry with a cloth.

Respecting these simple guidelines the life of your tatami will be long.



Any form and type of Tatami is produced with high quality materials, if properly stored and washed correctly, the average life of Tatami can vary from 10 to 15 years before its replacement, even with daily use. To clean an area the first thing to do is disassemble the modules that are interlocking, folding or traditional, then take a cotton rag and moisten it with a spray containing a solution of water and ammonia, (2 caps of ammonia every liter of water), or it is easier to use the Amuchina, to switch to the health of the typing operations.

DO NOT USE PRESSURE CLEANERS! The high pressure jet ruins the surfaces and impregnates with water the Tatami would only cause it to deform.
DO NOT USE AGGRESSIVE DETERGENTS! or that produce foam, it would ruin the Tatami.

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