Synthetic grass

Synthetic Grass - Puzzle PLAY
Made with recycled agglomerate Polyethylene foam, between polyethylene layers, two fiberglass nets are enclosed, which give dimensional stability to the product. All the layers are laminated with hot air machine, and Puzzle shape cut with water Jet machine.
Synthetic Grass - Roll
Our synthetic grass roll, made with TOP QUALITY range grass, guarantees a natural effect and minimizes the possibility of rubbing abrasions. The natural color of the grass is given by the use of 4 different shades of green, which give the product a realistic appearance. The product is recommended for decorative and / or sports use; pairing with an anti-shock mat from our products range is recommended.
Available in rolls of 1m and 2m in height, length on request (max. 25 mt).
A special bitumen-based adhesive is used for the joints (see photo).
Anti-Shock Rubber roll
Anti-shock recycled rubber roll. Made of an innovative "honeycomb" pattern which gives the product a good shock-absorption feathure, with good stability and grip on the installation surface. Used as a base for the creation of synthetic turf.
The module is sold in single rolls or in a plate variant, already coupled with our synthetic grass.
Synthetic grass - Puzzle
Our synthetic turf module is an innovative product that combines different materials to obtain an excellent anti-shock feature. Designed to offer optimal performance and safety, the innovative structure in "HONEYCOMB RUBBER" (Thermoplastic polyurethane "TEPC") gives excellent dimensional stability, both in use and in assembly.
The TOP QUALITY SYNTHETIC GRASS used, specific for sports use, guarantees a natural effect, and minimizes the possibility of abrasions when rubbing. The interlocking module allows quick assembly of fixed or removable play areas.