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Tatamix Store specializes in the production and sale of tatami for martial arts and combat sports (karate, Kenpo, judo, wrestling, Aikido, Kendo, Taekwondo, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Jujitsu) and other activities such as yoga, pilates and gymnastics.

Check out our full range of judo mats, which allow you to practice sport safely for both beginners and professional use.

Depending on the needs, different models are available (clubs, federations), assorted in different densities and colors.

Listening to the advice of expert martial arts professionals and trusting a team of judo and karate athletes, we have developed a new technology designed specifically for your sport, able to offer users greater comfort and safety.

You will discover a new line of products dedicated to your sport.

Our goal is to allow maximum access to martial arts practice and, in particular, to children who want to learn these disciplines in optimal conditions of comfort, safety and pleasure. It is for this reason that, for many years, we have worked closely with high-level judo and karate athletes to design and manufacture a new range of martial arts equipment.

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